Any UTA student from any major who has some interest in Space and Astronomy can join us!

Membership Benefits:

  • Meet cool space loving people around the nation (and the world!)
  • Meet and connect with space industry leaders
  • Participate in cool space projects (SEDSAT, MDRS mock Mars mission)
  • Chance to run for SEDS-USA Board
  • SEDS-USA National Member Database
  • Connect with potential employers
  • SEDS Talent Directory
  • SEDS Job Board
  • Access to Alumni Network spanning the entire space industry
  • Exclusive invitations to closed space conferences and events
  • Scholarship Opportunities/Awards:
    • Bob Richards Scholarship for Peace through Space
    • Peter Diamandis Bold Space Entrepreneur Scholarship
    • Todd B Hawley Award for Student Leadership
    • Darrell Cain Award for Excellence

Membership Types:

Coming Soon…

Getting Involved:

Come to our meetings, volunteer for one of our events, or participate in one of our projects to get involved.