Interested in space? Want to help build a satellite? Want to know more?

SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) will be having their first general body meeting.

Guest Speaker
Cynthia Whisennand
Solar System Ambassador, NASA


We are a chapter of the largest student run Space organization in the world – Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

SEDS-USA is the national organization. Has over 50 active chapters as of now.

SEDS-Earth is the global version of SEDS that works as a central node for communications between national chapters of different countries (USA, India, Canada, UK, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Italy, Afghanistan, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Israel, Mexico, and many more)

SEDS-UTA was founded in Fall 2016 at the University of Texas at Arlington with the following missions:

SEDS-UTA Mission Statements

  • To educate students of UTA about the benefits of space exploration and development
  • To provide a forum for UTA students and faculty members for the discussion and exchange of ideas related to the exploration and development of space (including but not limited to the topics of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrogeology, Astrobiology, SETI, Astronautics, and Astropreneurship);
  • To provide opportunities for UTA students to interact and network themselves with leaders in the space industry;
  • To provide hands on opportunities for UTA students to be involved in aspects of space exploration and development.



Below are the types of activities we do. To find out about our current projects, please see the projects menu or come to our meetings.

Local Level (In-chapter):

  • Host speakers/guest lecturers
  • Research/educational projects
    • CubeSat Development
    • Satellite Tracking Station
  • Star Parties
  • Asteroid Day
  • Social events
    • Yuri’s Night World Space Party
    • Rocket launch watch parties
  • Field Trips
    • Nearby observatories
    • Eclipse
    • Space launches
    • Space Conferences

National Level:

  • SpaceVision National Conference
  • Research/educational projects:
    • SEDSAT
    • MDRS
  • Competitions
    • Business Plan Competition
    • Rocketry (USRC)
  • SpaceTalks

International Level

  • International Conference


Any UTA student from any major who has some interest in Space and Astronomy can join us!

Membership Benefits:

  • Meet cool space loving people around the nation (and the world!)
  • Meet and connect with space industry leaders
  • Participate in cool space projects (SEDSAT, MDRS mock Mars mission)
  • Chance to run for SEDS-USA Board
  • SEDS-USA National Member Database
  • Connect with potential employers
  • SEDS Talent Directory
  • SEDS Job Board
  • Access to Alumni Network spanning the entire space industry
  • Exclusive invitations to closed space conferences and events
  • Scholarship Opportunities/Awards:
    • Bob Richards Scholarship for Peace through Space
    • Peter Diamandis Bold Space Entrepreneur Scholarship
    • Todd B Hawley Award for Student Leadership
    • Darrell Cain Award for Excellence

Membership Types:

Membership Types:

  • Basic: $5
    • Participate in all in-chapter activities and attend any non-officer meetings
    • All efforts are counted
    • Pay full price for T-shirt
  • Full: $15 per year
    • Eligible to vote in elections
    • Run for officer positions
    • Discount on T-Shirts (For example, if the cost of T-shirt is $15, maybe pay just $5 or $10)
    • Trips to SpaceVision conference may be covered (SEDS-UTA, SEDS-USA, Sponsors /partial or full funding)

Getting Involved:

Come to our meetings, volunteer for one of our events, or participate in one of our projects to get involved.